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Gods We All DislikeWith a little imagination the author asks you to place yourself among millions of people comfortably to join with them in conversation. Your companions are the highest ranking members of every religion active now and at all times in the past and at present.  The self-appointed organizer of this gathering and self-appointed moderator is the character of the oddly named Doer.

Everyone eagerly awaits a chance to promote, defend and spread the discordant expressions of their own religious convictions or their lack thereof.

The improbable result of Doer’s vision and organizing work is that everyone from the largest to the tiniest religion shows up. Any reader with any sort of religious or non-religious opinion has a chance to  bluster forth or reverently spew their favorite anger, joy, love, hate and pent-up scientific or theological verbiage.

Are there words enough in this book to express every religious point of view? Doer expects much more verbiage to receive enormous expression on the echoing voice of the internet. There the full story will get expression in blustering words, eternal threats and calm love. Please join in, and if the book falls short of your expectations please reach into ethereal communication electronically and let your message reach the heavens and hells of the universe.

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