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Herb McCabeMcCabe was born Catholic, was a Catholic grade school student for eight years, and at age fifteen became a seminarian for eleven years, was a priest for seven years, then switched to being a Lutheran clergyman. He is now retired.

He is always in awe of the wonders of planet earth with its billions of people, who look out to the universe of distant stars and planets numbering in the trillions. It baffles him that sciences and religions fight about the causes and destinies of living beings and our interlocked purposes. Are we many with one purpose? Are we one of many even more complex systems of creations? Are we humans the one best conscious set of rational beings? Are we infant beings in a complex of mega-trillions more beings, who are more complex than ourselves? Are religions something like search engines trying to figure out what existence is all about? Are we at the threshold of learning who and why we are? Or are we near our own demise?

Everything the author learned raises questions about truth and the burden of condemning religions and people for their different ways of believing. In the two seminaries he attended he kept an uneasy silence regarding the contradictions religions taught. He watched seminarians in many religions suffer expulsion for questioning professors and theologians. Many of the dissenters were brilliant. This author was not and he hung on by mere silence.

No religion is good at tolerating disagreements. Now in his eighties the author is confessing his doubts, new discoveries and the value of knowing that the universe is filled with eternal possibilities for every being. We’re all in it together. We need only learn to live with and find a new kind of love for one another. Will we do it?